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Medicare Part D & Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Are you retiring, new to Medicare or turning 65?

    We know how overwhelming your choices can become when deciding what Medicare coverage is best for you! We know you get so much information in the mail from too many different insurance companies that are trying to sell only their products to you. That is why we do a comparison of all the Medicare Supplement, doctor and hospital plans and Part D, prescription insurance plans in your area to make sure they cover the drugs you take and you SAVE the most money on premiums. At My Part D USA we have the knowledge and experience to do the leg work FOR YOU!

  • When did you last compare your doctor and hospital plan costs?

    Many people we've spoken to over the years did not realize they were able to compare their doctor and hospital coverage year round. You do not have to wait till the Annual Election Period for Part D plans to begin saving money on Medicare Supplements. Have you noticed your premiums on your Medigap/Medicare Supplement going up, up and up? We can take a look at other plans that could be available to help save you more of YOUR money. Just fill out our comparison form and let us know how we can help you.

  • Did you know that drug companies change the drugs they cover and the costs you pay from year to year?

    All Medicare Part D companies reserve the right to change the drugs they cover as well as the cost of those drugs at the end of each year. What this means is that even if you are currently pleased with your Part D coverage, there is no promise your plan will be the same in the new year. In order to insure you have the best drug plan to save you the most money and keep your drugs on your plan's formulary, you are obligated to compare drug companies each year during the Annual Election Period, October 15 to December 7th. If you need a drug plan comparison you can go to

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Do You Have Questions About the Medicare Part D Drug Plans?

My Part D USA is a national organization leading the way for quality Medicare Part D Drug Plan enrollments. You can have confidence that we serve you with YOUR best interests our top priority! We are licensed and certified in every state and get all our information from the Centers for Medicare.



I retired after having worked for 35 years. Because of the sad economy, my employer dropped our healthcare and life insurance. The nightmare began for my wife and I as we began our search to fill this void. We talked with Medicare, Social Security and many healthcare companies and left more confused than ever. We spoke with My Part D USA and they somehow have this very soothing approach in solving problems. They removed the confusion and calmly addressed our needs. It felt like they were heaven sent!! They are so knowledgeable in what they do and come across in such a pleasant way that it makes you wonder why other professional can’t be as nice and attentive. They helped my wife and I enroll in an affordable Part D plan and they also found a good Medicare Supplement/Medigap plan for me as I am presently on Medicare. Thank you very much for all your help and keep up the excellent work. - Mr. & Mrs. D. O’Grady, Wisconsin