A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the COOKBOOK FOR DIABETES!

All the proceeds will be sent to the American Diabetes Association’s Research Dept.

The cookbook will feature all kinds of recipes, not just sugar-free desserts and healthy foods. We also want your favorite recipes of all kinds for every occassion.

You can dedicate your recipe to someone you know that has diabetes or has suffered with it so that it has special meaning to them. We have received quite a few from our readers, but of course we would like more of them.

Please take a few moments and email me your favorite casserole or dessert recipe. We got a great Banana Bread recipe from California yesterday and a recipe for Oyster Stew from Maine. You may have a family favorite that has been handed down through generations that you would like to share with everyone.

Please add your name and the state you live in if you wish, along with your dedication.

The cookbook will be on sale begining in October for Holiday gift giving. You can buy it online or you can contact me toll free to order 866-752-1795.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE A COOKBOOK TO SEND IN A RECIPE!!!We would like you to be involved by just donating a recipe if you will.

Please refer to my other blog about this for more details about why we are doing this….we had so many people come to the website for a drug plan comparison that were diabetics. Also, I had a personal loss of my husband in 1993 from this disease, so I had always wanted to do something to help find a cure. You can click on OTHER TOPICS OF INTEREST on the left hand side of the blog under categories to see the other blog with more info.


Please tell your friends and family to join our mission and help us out with recipes!! It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Karyn Blake

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at Or you can email this article to a friend.

Published by mypartdusa on February 29, 2008 in Other Topics of Interest.

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