Question and Answer Regarding Part D Drug Plan Comparisons

QUESTION:  Why has it been harder to get a Part D plan comparison based on my medications than when Part D first came out in 2005?

ANSWER:  When Part D was signed in to law by President Bush in 2005 many people were very confused about what drug plan would be best for them.  There are over 50 drug plans in each state and the prices vary in each state.  Each drug plan can decide from year to year what drugs they cover and if they cover them as brands or generics.  If you contacted your Insurance Agent or a Brokerage that was helping you with your Medicare Supplement, the Insurance Companies that carried the Part D plans would pay them a commission to help you.  This was an incentive for agents to assist you.

These companies have since stopped helping us help you!  They do not want you to be able to get a comparison easily.  Drug companies make much more money if you simply stay on their drug plan no matter how much the prices go up or which of your drugs they decide NOT to cover.

Also when your agent would send in a drug plan application to the Part D Provider, they would not send us confirmations and we could not be sure you would have your coverage for the next year.  They simply would ACT as though they never received it.  Not only is this a disservice to the Medicare beneficiary, but to agents who make their living trying to assist you.  In essence, Drug Corporations have made it impossible for us to do our jobs.

The only way to get a comparison is to go directly to Medicare at   Then you can enroll directly with Medicare to make sure your application is processed.

Here at My Part D USA, we still try to do as many free comparisons during the Annual Election Period as we can.  With millions of you out there, it is most impossible to help everyone personally.

Anytime someone is turning 65 and needs to learn how to understand their benefits, we take them through a comprehensive study of your Part D comparison and explain it thoroughly so that you will be informed for the future.

We always do comparisons on your doctor and hospital coverage any time of the year if you have received a price increase.

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