There are many people who live in nursing homes and other mental and physical health care facilities that do not have their medications covered under their Medicare Part D drug plan.

We have recieved many letters, emails and calls from administrators concerned about absorbing the cost of these medications that are not covered because their patients cannot afford to pay for them.

One of the many ways we have helped these facilities is by sending in all the applications to Social Security for “extra help” programs and streamlining drug plan enrollments on all their patients, getting them on drug plans that actually PAY for their medications.

Medicare arbitrarily enrolls people who qualify for “extra help” on drug plans, but they DO NOT check the formulary to make sure every prescription for each person is covered by the drug plan.

When this happens, the facility must come up with the funds to cover all these medications.

Many times the patient cannot take care of these matters for themselves and the family does not know how to help them either. We have saved these facilites hundreds of hours in paperwork and thousands of dollars each month in making sure these drugs are covered.

There are people in Assisted Living Homes, that cannot do a comparison of drug plans and have a hard time finding a plan that saves them as much money as they need to pay for living quarters. We have actually helped people keep a place to live by ensuring they can pay for their homes. Many families do not realize that their loved one could qualify for “extra help” and it puts extreme burdens on families to come up with the money to take care of their loved ones.

We have also seen many people who had their health care totally taken care of with a Traditional Medicare Supplement and they were conviced to switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Please be aware that most of these facilities do not accept the terms of payment from Medicare Advantage Plans, and you will lose your coverage completely!! At My Part D USA we can get you back on your Traditional Supplement and return you to your ability to pay for your healthcare costs.

If you, your family or your facility need help with organizing benefits and getting as many medications covered as possible, please call us toll free at 866-752-1795

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Published by mypartdusa on March 29, 2008 in PROFESSIONALS NEED HELP TOO!.

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