Do I Qualify for Drug Assistance?

Have you applied for Medicare Drug Assistance?

Medicare will pay the premium

Your co-pays will be $1 to $5 on all your drugs

No Donut Hole…even if you’re already there

Qualifications: Income & Resources (home & car excluded)

Single $15,315 or less $11,710 or less

Married $20,535 or less $23,410 or less

Note: If you support other people, your limits would be higher.

If you already have Medicare Drug Assistance, are all your medications covered?

If not, we can help you find a plan that will cover all your prescription drugs, and make the changes effective September 1, 2007. You are not locked into your drug plan until November 15th, like most people, and can change your drug plan today.

Many people on Medicare were never told about Medicare Drug Assistance. We have helped thousands of people apply and qualify for drug assistance. We would welcome the opportunity to help you as well.

Please call us at 866-752-1795 or click on the link, complete the worksheet, and we will work hard to see what can be done to help you in your situation.

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Published by mypartdusa on September 21, 2007 in Medicare Drug Assistance.

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