Criticism of Medicare Part D Plans

There has been much criticism of the new drug benefit. Many people think that the Bush Administration gave a blank check to the drug manufacturers to charge high prices for presciptions on Medicare Part D Plans.

During this next election this will be an important topic to address. We believe that the drug manufacturers should have to bid prices to Medicare so that Medicare has more control of rising costs for seniors prescriptions! This should have been done when the bill was written but we all know how the insurance and drug lobbiests have so much power in Washington. Make your vote count in the next election to help lower drug costs in Medicare Part D Plans.

NOW, HAVING SAID THAT…….You cannot throw out the baby with the bath water. Seniors have help now! Most new benefits and bills could be improved and we should all work on that, but to say that this benefit is not helping is very wrong. We have seen Seniors all over the country save hundreds and thousands of dollars each year using their Medicare Part D Plans. Many Seniors still don’t know about the “extra help” they may qualify for such as the Medicare Part D Assistance Program.

We can help you with this by calling us or filling out a worksheet.

I heard an analogy on the new Medicare Part D plan that went something like this: A group of 10 geniuses locked themselves in a room to design a perfect racehourse. After a few hours they emerged NOT with a reachorse, but a perfect CAMEL!! Everyone was critical and disappointed at first…but came to realize that a camel could be a very “useful” animal once you get over the humps!!

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Published by mypartdusa on September 26, 2007 in Drug Plan Enrollment.

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