COOKING UP A CURE FOR DIABETES! The NEW Cookbook from My Part D USA and Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Across America

One thing that we all noticed during the Annual Enrollment Period when we were doing drug plan comparisons is that so many people are diabetic. We had so many drug plans that needed to cover insulin and other diabetes medications.

I have always wanted to do something to help the American Diabetes Association, not only for our senior diabetics, but I have had a personal loss of my husband, Paul, due to the complications from the disease when he was 35. He lost his eye sight and his kidneys failed. He developed congestive heart failure as well. We had been married for 16 years and had one son, Marcus, who is also helping Seniors here at My Part D USA. There are many diabetics who lose limbs due to the blood vessel damage that Diabetes does to your circulatory system. Diabetes is a horrible disease and robs many senior citizens of good health to enjoy their lives and it does the same to young people too!!You may have been touched by this disease and experienced how Diabetes can effect you or a loved one as well.

For this reason, I am putting together a cookbook called
COOKING UP A CURE FOR DIABETES. All proceeds will be sent to the American Diabetes Association. During this year, I will build the cookbook and it will be on sale begining Oct. 1st and during the Annual Enrollment Period, November 15th thru December 31st 2008, just in time for Christmas presents and Holiday gifts.

I will also be putting some of the best recipes on the blog to share with everyone!

I am kindly requesting that our readers send in a favorite recipe or many recipes for the following categories:

Sugar Free Desserts
Soups and Salads
Vegitarian Dishes
Main Dishes
Low-Fat Favorites
Beverages (smoothies, punches, coffees, teas) sugar free and regular
Cakes, Pies, Cookies, & Candy (sugar free and regular)

Breads, Muffins

We want to include lots of healthly receipes

Please include your name, if you would like to do so and the city or state you live in. We want to give credit where credit is due. You can also include your email address if you wish. YOU CAN ALSO DEDICATE YOUR RECIPE TO A LOVED ONE WHO IS OR HAS SUFFERED FROM DIABETES. Just indicate “Dedicated to: (their name and anything else you’d like to add).

Send them to me Karyn Blake –

Please take the time to be a part of finding a cure for diabetes and tell your friends and family to contribute a recipe as well.

As always, if you want to verify any of this information or have questions about this cookbook, Please call me toll free at 866-752-1795.

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at Or you can email this article to a friend.

Published by mypartdusa on January 25, 2008 in Other Topics of Interest.

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