2013 Changes In Part D Plans

As in past years, there is no 2013 Medicare Part D plan that offers complete Donut Hole coverage.  However, now that we have the Donut Hole Discount, most of you will still be able to save some money if you fall into the gap, with a 52% brand name drug discount and a 21% generic drug discount.

Please be sure that you do not inadvertently join a Medicare Advantage Plan with a built in Part D plan.  We never recommend these type plans because even though they sometimes have lower premiums, you give up your choices for the best Part D plan and the doctors and hospital you want to go to.  You are not using your Medicare Benefits and are on private insurance.  Medicare has no jurisdiction over these plans and they can drop you or deny coverage at any time.

Since many of these companies also sell Medicare Supplements they can confuse you with the products they offer.  These are the companies you see on TV commercials everyday.  Please do not let them talk you into inferior coverage plans.  Remember they are making more money when you purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan, while you the consumer pay the ultimate price:  bad healthcare, less choices, and no oversight by Medicare.

The new Deductive for 2013 on Part D plans has gone up a few dollars to $325.00

You will enter the Donut Hole after you purchase $2,970.00 worth of prescription drugs, based on retail value.

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Published by mypartdusa on October 13, 2012 in Blog, BLOG ONLY, Drug Plan Enrollment.

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