GRILL GRATE – Instead of scrubbing the grate after using it, leave the grill on high with the cover on for 15 minutes.  Residue will cook away!

SHOWER CURTAIN LINER – Liners are so cheap.  Just replace it every six months.

PILLOW – After washing and drying a pillow it is never quite the same.  Throw it out and buy a new one.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE…..MAKING THE BED – Microscopic dust mites – a leading cause of allergies – thrive on moisture in your matress and bedcovers.  Leaving the bed unmade allows moisture to escape.  If you really can’t stand an unmade bed, then make an appointment with a mental therapist.

WAXING THE CAR – Newer cars have tough finishes that don’t need wax for protection.

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INFLAMMATION – The Silent Killer

Inflammation is silently aging all of us faster than necessary.  There are many ways to combat inflammation in our bodies that leads to heart disease, cancer, joint pain etc.  Sugar is your enemy!  It makes your body produce unnecessary insulin and that turns whatever you eat to fat cells.  Fat cells harbor inflammation.  Here is a list of foods to lower the inflammation in your body.

Salmon, canned, fresh or frozen.  Sardines & Tuna.  Almonds, walnuts.  Avocados, olive oil.  Black beans, Black Eyed Peas, garbanzos (humus), lentils (red or green).  Beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, collard greens, kale, mushrooms (maitake, portobello, shiitake), spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes (canned tomatoes have more nutrients in them than fresh, really!!!).  Blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, cranberries, kiwi, lemons, limes, oranges, peaches, strawberries.

Cut out as much bread as possible!!!  It turns to sugar.  If you do eat breads eat very high fiber breads.  Just because it says whole wheat does NOT mean it is healthy for you.

Start out every day with the juice of one lemon in one cup of water or green tea.  Drink lots of water or tea all day.

Finish the last meal of the day as early as possible.

Season foods with garlic, basil, chives, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, onions, peppers.

Take a 30 minute walk after your evening meal.

Eat until you are 80% full, as it takes your brain at least 10 minutes to tell you when you are done.

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6 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Good For You

If you are like me and need to lose a few pounds, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check and stay in shape, you feel pressure to know what to eat and what NOT to eat to maximize your health.  There is so much information out there these days (and yes I am adding to it) it can become confusing.

I don’t know if any of you read Bottom Line , but it is a very good periodical you can get by going to BottomLineSecrets.com/gifts and subscribe.  There is all kinds of info about health, insurance, investments and  relationship advice, really just about everything! My grandmother has made sure I get a new subscription every year for a long time now.

Here is a list of foods we have been told are not good for us, but really can be healthy.

1. Iceberg Lettuce: Just because it is not dark green does not mean it has no nutrient value.  Iceberg contains lutein and zeaxanthin.  These are carotenoids that reduce the risk for cataracts and age-related macular  degeneration leading to blindness in older adults.  My Dad had this and really suffered.

2. Watermelon: Although watermelon is sweet, it contains 40% more lycopene than fresh tomatoes.  It may be helpful to let you know that canned tomatoes have much more of the cancer fighting lycopene than fresh ones do.

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What Have You Got To Lose?

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, Nothin’s not worth nothin, but it’s free….Kris Kristofferson – lyrics from “Me & Bobby McGee”

We’ve all heard this great song time and time again, but I don’t know if many of us ever get to the point in our lives where we have “nothing left to lose.”  I talk to and receive emails from people every day who have come to feel that way about their health, health care and their Medicare coverage.

People these days cannot afford to pay for all their prescriptions, even with the help of Part D plans.  Some folks are taking way too many drugs.  They go to different doctors and do not let each doctor know what the other doctor has prescribed.  Please let ALL of your doctors know every drug you take and ask them if there is a better way.  Some doctors are now also recommending supplements to lower blood pressure instead of drugs, such as garlic and omega 3 oils.  Many times taking one drug leads to another and before you know it you are on 10 different medications all with side effects that make us feel even worse!  Never stop taking a medication without approval from your doctor.

I would encourage those of you who need help to try to improve your health so you can get off some of the medications you are taking.  Sure, it may be easier to just “take a pill”, but what is it really costing you?

Your Good Health Is Never Going To Be Free!


1. GARLIC – Lowers cholesterol and raises “good cholesterol”.  Lowers blood pressure.  Reduces the risk of blood clots.  Helps fight Alzheimer’s.  Detoxification. This also includes all the allium family such as onions, leeks, chives and shallots.

2.  OLIVE OIL AND AVOCADOS - Shown to reduce death from heart disease and cancer.  Unlike other oils, olive oil is high in antioxidant activity.  Avocados are high in foliate and potassium which can decreade heart attack risk by 55%.

3.  NUTS – Recent Harvard University research found that eating more that 5 oz. a week cut heart attack deaths in women by over 40% and helped deadly irregular heartbeats in men.  ALMONDS and WALNUTS offer the most help.

4.  SALMON, SARDINES, TUNA - These fish contain high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids – that perform miracles throughout the body, fighting virtually every chronic disease known.  Personally, taking fish oil has helped me feel better, my skin look younger and my joints don’t ache as much.  Please, if you do nothing else, try a good quality fish oil product and stick with it!

5.  GREEN TEA – Drinking even one cup of strongly brewed green tea (you can get Lipton’s in de-caf) cut heart disease risk in half.  Think about drinking it as ice tea and all through the day!  It also helps in appetite control and is very high in antioxidants.  EXTRA HINT – If you drink your first cup of green tea on an empty stomach in the morning with the juice of 1/2 a lemon, it will help your liver and gallbladder function better to cleanse your body of toxins.

6.  BLUEBERRIES – One of the best antioxidant rich foods says Tufts University.  Blueberries are so powerful in retarding aging in animals that they can block brain changes leading to decline and even reverse failing memory.  Eat half a cup of frozen or fresh blueberries a day.

7.  DRINK WATER – You would not believe how many of us are actually de-hydrated.  By cutting out sodas and other sugary drinks and replacing with Green Tea and water, not only will you lose weight, but your health will improve just by feeling hydrated.  Your kidneys will thank you!  NEVER DRINK YOUR CALORIES!

8.  GREEN FOODS - Spinach and other greens are second only to garlic in antioxidant activity.  Rich in folic acid which helps fight cancer, heart disease and mental disorders, it protects aging brains and may help prevent Alzheimer’s.

9.  GREEK YOGURT - This type of yogurt has more protein and calcium and also helps your digestive system with “good bacteria” to keep things running smoothly and calcium to protect your bones and teeth.

10. RED WINE AND DARK CHOCOLATE (AT LEAST 70% COCOA) FOR DESERT – This includes red grape juice, but is not as much fun!  Red Wine or grape juice has 4 times the antioxidants of orange or tomato juice.  Research shows that drinking Red Wine in moderation increases longevity.  Dark Chocolate helps your pleasure center of the brain release serotonin and the endorphins that make you”feel good”, all while lowering your blood pressure.  So, instead of fattening ice cream and sugar laden cakes and pies, have ONE glass of red wine with a couple of dark chocolate covered strawberries dipped in chopped almonds or walnuts!


Then make an effort to walk or get some kind of activity in each day!  Make a project out if it and begin a journal.  When you look back in 6 months and see how much weight you have lost and how much better you feel,  please write me and tell me your story!  I’d love to share it with my readers.  As you know I am preaching to the choir because I lost 50 lbs last year.  I have to keep myself motivated!  It was hard and it still is hard, but it has been worth it.  I got off my blood pressure medication and I can actually walk around and enjoy myself instead of sitting in pain.  You can do it too!  Let me hear your story soon.

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at kblake@MyPartDusa.org. Or you can email this article to a friend.

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My Part D USA Can Help You Find Best Medicare Plans

So, now it is February!  The new year has already started to go fast!

I hope all of you are sticking to your new diets or at least adding supplements to your diets, such as CoQ10 and Fish Oil and drinking lots of green tea.

I lost 50 lbs last year and am going to work on losing a few more by June.  It is hard, but I try to keep motivated by knowing I won’t have to take so many medications and that means SAVING MONEY!!!

One great website to get health info on is www.realage.com

Now, to get down to business of Medicare …..as you know My Part D USA can give you the best service.  Why?  Because we actually do comparisons of drug plans and Medicare Supplements that will give you the coverage you need at the best prices.  Just read the Testimonials.  I get them in from people all over the country everyday.  They are so tired of being confused and not knowing what companies to deal with.  Since we are NOT an insurance company, we do not work for any particular plans and can help YOU find what YOU need, instead of what some insurance agent wants to sell you.

As always, if you have lost your retirement coverage or you are new to Medicare, we can help you any time of year get the plans you need.  Just either fill out the online form or give us a call!  Someone will answer the phone as well!  Many people tell me how nice it is just to hear a human being on the other end instead of all the prompts for #1 if you want to listen to a recording, #2 if you want to leave a message or #3 if you want to pull your hair out!!

Hope you are having a GREAT 2010 so far and we hope to hear from you soon.

JOKE OF THE DAYA man goes to his psychiatrist and says “Dr. what should I do, my brother thinks he’s a chicken?”  The doctor says “why don’t you get him committed?”  “I would”, the man says, but I really need the eggs!”

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As you all know, I have been working on the COOKING UP A CURE recipe book for some time now.  I have been gathering all your recipes you have been sending to me, and I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to do that.  The profits of this book are going to the American Diabetes Association, as my husband was a juvenile diabetic and passed away from the disease in 1993 at the age of 35.

If you haven’t sent in a recipe, please do so.  They don’t have to be diabetic recipes, although there will be a section for those.  I’m just asking for family favorites and anything you’d like to share.

Since we are coming into the Holiday Season I found an article about the best herbs and spices for our health!

Ginger – Ginger is a great digestive aid.  Use it in holiday cookies, make a ginger tea or keep some real giner ale on hand for guest who overindulge.  You can also add it to sweet potatos and pinapple desserts.  It is not hard to find anymore at the grocery, so don’t leave it out this year.

Garlic – Garlic provides antimicrobial properties beneficial for colds and nasal congestion.  It also helps lower cholesteral and blood pressure and supports the immune system.  I like garlic in just about everything.  You can buy it already chopped up and fresh in the produce department.  I even add fresh garlic in my salads, hamburgers, steamed veggies etc….

Cinnamon - This antixidant and antiviral has been used to treat digestive upsets and also helps regulate blood suar, lowers high cholesterol levels and improve insulin sensitivity.  You don’t have to use all the added sugar that goes along with it.  Have any of you tried the sweetner Stevia?  It is not a chemical and is much better for you than even Splenda.  Use Cinnamon in sweet potatoes, pies, cookies, baked apples, apple cider or add it to your green tea.  Just 1 teaspoon a day added to your whole wheat toast in the morning can make a difference.

Sage - A member of the mint family, this herb has antioxident properties.  Sage also possesses hypoglycemic qualities that help those with diabetes.  Use in stuffings, cheeses, breads, soups and sauces.

Oregano - With 20 times the antioxidant activity of other herbs (who would have guessed?) oregano fights against the flu.  It is not only for Italian foods, but use it in stuffings, seafoods, potatoes and veggie dishes.  It is also good to use in olive oil on salads and breads.

My family is getting together this weekend, before Thanksgiving, so I’m searching online for healthy recipe ideas.  Thanks for all your kindness in helping me and others with your ideas!

Send them to me at : kblake@MyPartDusa.org

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at kblake@MyPartDusa.org. Or you can email this article to a friend.

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Fish Oil – The New Wonder Supplement

How many of you take a fish oil supplement?

I have a personal story I’d like to share with you.

Like so many people I had told myself I was “too busy” to take care of myself.  By the time I was 48 I was already on blood pressure meds and had stopped doing any kind of real exercise.  When my 50th birthday rolled around this year I was almost crippled from a knee injury and was not getting any better.  When I went to my doctor for blood work I found out my cholesterol was very high.  I decided I’d better do something to help myself.

Since I work with people already on Medicare and see the long lists of drugs people are taking, I could see the writing on the wall…blood pressure meds, cholesterol lowering drugs and on and on.  I went to a personal trainer to get help for my knee after surgery and he immediately told me to begin taking fish oil and actually gave me my first bottle.  Since I have been learning to eat better and doing regular workouts and taking the fish oil, and a couple of other supplements, I have been able to STOP taking the blood pressure meds and my cholesterol levels have significantly lowered, ALL WITHOUT TAKING MORE MEDICATIONS.

I have been reading online about supplements and have read so much about how fish oil can help people get off medications and wanted to share this with all of you.  Drugs are so expensive and the more we can do to avoid taking them the better!

You must not stop taking anything until you speak with your doctor, but even folks that take anti-inflammatory drugs such as Vioxx and Celebrex have been able to stop taking those as well.

It does take several months to see significant improvement, but it can be done.  People don’t usually change their habits until the effects of NOT changing are worse than staying on the same path.  That is what happened to me.  I could see what was happening to my body and it was not a “good thing”, as Martha Stewart would say.

Change is hard.  The best thing I did was find a way to make myself “accountable”.  You can begin by writing down everything you put in your mouth and tell someone what you are trying to do.  Set goals to weigh only 1 time each month and begin the supplements.  If you go see your doctor on a regular basis, tell him/her your goals.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if in 6 months you could cut in half the number of drugs you needed to take?  This is my best DRUG SAVINGS TIP!


Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at kblake@MyPartDusa.org. Or you can email this article to a friend.

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Foods To Fight Aging

A couple of BLOGS ago, scroll down, I wrote a bit about natural remedies and if Medicare would cover these expenses.  I also wanted to go over some nutritional issues that many people are finding helpful in wellness education.

The FIRST thing to remember as I went over before is that your doctor needs to know every supplement you take as some of them interfere with your medications and surgeries.

If you have never gone to www.Realage.com , please take the time to visit this website.  There is a section on “Staying Young” and gives you a Warranty Lesson on your health.  I have taken the liberty of sharing some of this great information with you.


1.  FOLIC ACID – 800 micrograms a day will help your hearing for high-frequency sounds.

2. TURMERIC – an Indian spice for boosting memory and brain function.  You can check out mustards that contain this spice and also add it to soups, chicken and shrimp dishes.

3. GREEN TEA – flushes out toxins and boosts immunity.  It is advised to drink a very strong cup of green tea with the juice of 1/2 lemon before you eat anything in the morning.  This cleanses your liver and also helps with metabolism.

4. MAGNESIUM – helps lower blood pressure and reduce heart arrhythmia.  You can get magnesium from lima beans, avocado, whole grains, beets and raisins.  You should get 400 mgs a day.  1 cup of cooked lima beans has 100 mgs.

5. CHIA SEEDS – isn’t that funny?  You can get these seeds at your health food store.  They have the most antioxidant potency of any food.  It is a nutty tasting grain with Omega 3 fatty acids.  Take 2 daily doses of 2 tablespoons each.  You can sprinkle on your cereal, yogurt, salads or in muffin mixes or smoothies.

If you visit this website there are all kinds of info with recipes using foods that improve your health.  Good reading!

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at kblake@MyPartDusa.org. Or you can email this article to a friend.

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