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Will Medicare Cover Vaccines?

Dear Readers,

I get so many emails wanting to know how to get vaccines covered I thought I’d write about it for everyone to have this information.

If you have Medicare Part D , you can get the shingles vaccine.  Part D plans must cover all types of commercially available vaccines that are NOT covered by Part B, including the vaccine for shingles.  You need to contact the Customer Service number for your particular drug plan to ask them how to make a claim, and what they cover and the cost involved.

Medicare Part B (outpatient benefits) covers your seasonal flu shot from your clinic or doctor’s office, as well as vaccinations to prevent pneumonia and hepatitis B.  Part B also covers other immunizations if you have been exposed to a disease or condition, like tetanus or rabies shot.  Your doctor should know how to make this claim for you on your Medicare Supplement plan if necessary.

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Published by mypartdusa on August 19, 2009 in Medicare Covered Vaccinations.

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