Q & A About Medicare Cost Comparisons

QUESTION:  I talked to an Insurance Agent AND also called toll free numbers from several big Medicare Supplement companies about my Medicare Supplement and they either said that they didn’t do drug plan comparisons, or tried to sell me only the ones they sell without comparing other plans.  They also said most drug plans were all about the same anyway and they could sign me up now.  Is this true?

ANSWER:  95% of Licensed Insurance Agents do not want to take the time to help you find out about which drug plan would save you the most money.  They don’t get paid very much at all by the drug companies to do it.  There are more than 50 drug plan companies in each state. It is complicated and a huge pain in the backside.  They will, however, be MORE than happy to sell you a Medicare Supplement, something they do get paid to sell you.  I understand completely why they don’t want to “MESS” with drug plans.  However, this is My Part D USA.  We started in 2005 by giving you price  comparisons on your particular drugs and we still do it.  I guess what you are wondering now is WHY do we continue?  We believe that if you call a company who deals with Medicare coverage, you should be able to get help with ALL YOUR MEDICARE NEEDS.  Simple as that!  We get calls everyday from people who already bought a Medicare Supplement from an agent or company’s 800 number (without getting a Medicare Supplement price comparison either) and then want help with their drug plan.  They do NOT understand that by calling a company directly they have no AGENT, no one to stand up on their behalf, no one to service them.  It is so sad that they are not told the truth from the beginning.  You need to work with someone who is willing to care about your needs and ALL your Medicare benefits.  I understand that everyone needs to make a living.  All the companies care about is making money, as do some agents.  It is very sad that the Corporations do not want to pay anyone to help you anymore and you will find that less and less people are going to be willing to CARE about you and what is best for you regarding your Medicare decisions.

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