As the band Areosmith used to sing IT’S THE SAME OLE STORY, SAME OLE SONG AND DANCE, MY FRIEND!  Not much has changed when it comes down to what really matters with Medicare and that is finding someone to help you understand your benefits and discuss comparisons of Medicare Supplements, what they cover and how much the different companies will charge you….same for the Drug Plan Companies.  These days you must be very careful what you do because even though Medicare watches over “some” actions of these Insurance Companies people slip through the cracks everyday.  The drug plans do not care about you…they will do anything NOT pay for your medications.  They will also do everything they can do not to pay people (licensed agents) to help you decide which one will save you the most money.  That is why we don’t get paid a dime for giving you a drug plan comparison based on your particular medications.  NO ONE else out there will do that.  That is the one thing My Part D USA can offer you that no one else will do.  We actually do something that we don’t get paid for so that YOU will save the most money on your meds!!

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Published by mypartdusa on May 2, 2012 in Blog, BLOG ONLY, Drug Savings Tips.

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