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Welcome to 2011! I hope we all have started on our New Years Resolutions to be more diligent with our health care.  I know I am going to try and get in all my supplements everyday!  Especially my fish oil.  I also plan on eating many more “good foods” and less bad ones.  Move more and eat less.  I have arthritic knees and all these things help me move around better as well.

As a fellow Baby Boomer, I am 51, I would like to welcome the first year of Baby Boomers to the wonderful world of Medicare!  Please don’t feel like you’ve lost your mind when trying to understand all the mumbo jumbo.  It is confusing for ALL of us!  We have to constantly keep on top of the changes too!

If you are turning 65 and need help don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 866-752-1795.  Many of you will have to make choices about what Medigap plan to take out and what drug plan will be best for you and that is what we specialize in…and do comparisons of the plans in your state.  It is hard for you to call every company and wait for someone willing to talk with you, and even more luck is required if you are trying to call Medicare.

My sister Martha is turning 65 this year.  She said to me yesterday “Karyn, I just can’t believe I’m having to do this”. Getting older is a shock to us all, and no one wants to deal with the fact they are getting on Medicare.  However, take solace in the fact that your insurance costs will drop significantly and that you have found a place to get the best information possible.  She is thrilled that she won’t have to pay the very high premiums of her individual health insurance plan any longer.  Her husband is on a retirement plan he has had for years and years and after I explained to him that he may want to look at getting on a Medigap plan, he realized he was paying way too much for this retirement plan premium without any added benefit to doing so!

Retirement plans may be best for you to keep if you have a good dental plan or vision plan, but it just depends on how much they are going to charge you in premium and for your drugs.  Many times we tell people to STAY on their retirement plans, but sometimes we find we can save them thousands of dollars a year by getting on a Medigap plan with a stand alone Part D plan for their drugs.  We will be glad to examine your benefits and make a recommendation that will be of MOST BENEFIT TO YOU! That is why we receive so many Great Testimonials as you can read on the right hand side of this page and even go to the others!  There are hundreds and hundreds of them.  We are so thankful to receive them!

So, again Happy New Year and you can write me and call me with any questions you have about your situation.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing!

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