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2011 Part D Drug Plans Worse Than EVER! Be Sure to Get Your Comparison for 2011!

The “My Part D USA” drug plan comparison is up and running now!!

Just a little heads up from the girl sitting in the back row!  After looking over the drug plan comparisons for 2011, the premiums and co-pays are worse than ever.  You certainly need a comparison, but in all honesty, the drug plans are only helping those who take so much medicine that they get to the 95% coverage!   You can also check the comparison at as well.

I think if I were turning 65 and only took a couple of generics…I would skip the drug plan until I needed it down the road.   However, you do take the risk of getting diagnosed with something and needing it during the year and not being able to get one till the next AEP, Nov. 15 to Dec. 31st.  Oh, and of course the 1% penalty per month on your premium for life…..I guess I am just so disgusted by these drug  companies I would boycott them until the government could unravel all the craziness so that they actually benefited the beneficiary and NOT just the insurance company.  I understand the insurance company has to “making a living” LOL, but the tables are turned TOO far in their favor and this year is the worst!

You must have heard by now that during the “dreaded donut hole” you will get a 50% discount on your Brand names…but it seems like they have covered their bases by doubling up on premiums and co-pays!!!  I was so excited by this news at first and it may very well help some people, but I tell you, the state of our health care is in a very sad place!

Hope you did get your comparison!!!!  Make sure your drug plan still covers the drugs you need.  You need it this year more than ever….the comparison is working now after a slow start…but what else is new?

We are very happy to be helping so many people who lost their Medicare Advantage Plans get back on Original Medicare and also those of you whose Medigap/Medicare Supplements have gone up in price get on a less expensive one!

HAVE A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED THANKSGIVING!! Even though we  complain…we have so much to be thankful for everyday!!!


Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at Or you can email this article to a friend.

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Part D Plan Comparisons ONLINE and Medigap Comparisons Available NOW!

Here we are again:  November 15 to December 31st, 2010

It is time once again to get your Part D comparison for 2011.  Our web designers are working on the comparison as I am writing you!  When it gets started all you need to do is enter in your drug names and the top 5 plans that are calculated to save you the most money will come up for you in detail.  Then, when you make your choice, simply call Medicare at 800-633-4227 and enroll for 2011.  This will automatically cancel the plan you had in 2010!  We cannot take calls for Part D plans because as you can imagine we do not have thousands of people to take calls during this busy time.  But we wanted you to SEE your comparison. We also cannot enroll you on Part D plans, so that is why you must call Medicare yourself.

So many of the Part D drug plans have gone up in premium this year…and I really hate to hear people who call in after Dec. 31st and realize they are stuck on a bad drug plan for a WHOLE YEAR!  That is why we have this online for you.  We do not make ONE RED CENT. That is why it is almost impossible to find an insurance agent or website that gives you a detailed comparison of the 50 or so drug plans in every state all with different drugs they cover and different co-pays.  They want to make it as hard as they possibly can for you to get a comparison!  WHY?  Because the more people who don’t change their drug plan, the more money for the insurance companies!!!  It used to be that insurance agents would get a fee to help you, but they have taken that incentive away.  Also, the drug plan companies would flat out refuse to take our enrollments and make it as hard as they could for us to continue these comparisons.  So, that is why we cannot do enrollments and you must call Medicare yourself!

If your Medicare Supplement has GONE UP IN PRICE, we can help you with a comparison for that as well but will need to talk to you. This is for your doctor and hospital coverage only!  We also know that many of you are losing your Medicare Advantage Plans and will need to get back on Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement.  As you may know Medicare Parts A & B pay 80% of your doctor and hospital bills, and your Medigap/Medicare Supplement pays the other 20%.  BUT, there is no need to pay a high premium for this coverage! Check with us!

ONE GREAT NEW BENEFIT FOR 2011 DRUG PLANS IS THAT DURING THE “DREADED DONUT HOLE” YOUR BRAND NAME DRUGS WILL BE AT A 50% DISCOUNT!!!! This is so fantastic…I know so many people will be helped tremendously by this savings!!

Please know that we provide online comparisons during the AEP for all of our Medigap/Medicare Supplement clients and when someone is turning 65, or new to Medicare and needs both a drug plan and a Medgap Plan we do the first one for you personally and go over all the facts, so that you will know how to read the annual comparisons ONLINE.

Just read the Testimonials on this BLOG and you will see how helpful My Part D USA is to people turning 65 and are just getting into the Medicare system!



Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at Or you can email this article to a friend.

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