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March Madness With Medicare

How many of you feel confused about your Medicare benefits?  Well, join the crowd!!  I get so many emails everyday from people just like you who read this blog and wonder…am I getting the most for the money I spend on my Medicare coverage?

March 31st is the last day you can change from one Medicare Advantage Plan to another Medicare Advantage Plan.  After that you are stuck until the Annual Election Period which begins November 15 and ends December 31st of every year.

RED ALERT: If you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan within the past 12 months and do NOT like it, or you feel it does not meet your needs or that you were mislead by a salesperson or company, you can get OFF of the Medicare Advantage Plan within the first 12 months!!!  If you keep it longer…you may not be able to get on a Medicare Supplement because of the underwriting or health questions.   Call us to check on your options!

ORANGE ALERT:  If you are NEW TO MEDICARE and you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan and don’t like it, you are still within your open enrollment period and cannot be turned down because of health issues.  You can get back on Original Medicare which pays 80% of all doctor and hospital costs and take out a Medicare Supplement that pays the other 20%.  With a Medicare Supplement your only expense is your monthly premium.  There are NO co-pays, NO NETWORKS of doctors you must use.  You can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice! If you are NEW TO MEDICARE, PLEASE, PLEASE start out with a Medicare Supplement and Stand Alone Part D Plan.  We can help you!

GREEN ALERT: If you are losing your Retirement Plan Group Coverage and need to know what Medicare Supplement plans have the lowest premium, we also do a comparison of Medicare Supplement plans along with a comparison of the more than 50 different drug plans in your state!  You do NOT want to join a Medicare Advantage Plan!  All the Medicare Supplement plans include the same benefits…a Plan F is a Plan F, no matter what insurance company you buy it from.  The ONLY difference is the price they will charge you.  Why pay more?

The ugly truth of the matter is many Insurance Salespeople will try their best to get you to join a Medicare Advantage Plan because they get paid double the commission to do so!  Don’t fall for it!

So, that is the what’s up about the March Madness of Medicare!  Call our toll free number or go to the form on this page or go to and fill out the form to get assistance.

Joke of The Day Old Man – Honey, what has happened to our sexual relations?  Old Woman - I don’t know, Dear, we didn’t even get a Christmas card from them this year.

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