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My Part D USA Can Help You Find Best Medicare Plans

So, now it is February!  The new year has already started to go fast!

I hope all of you are sticking to your new diets or at least adding supplements to your diets, such as CoQ10 and Fish Oil and drinking lots of green tea.

I lost 50 lbs last year and am going to work on losing a few more by June.  It is hard, but I try to keep motivated by knowing I won’t have to take so many medications and that means SAVING MONEY!!!

One great website to get health info on is

Now, to get down to business of Medicare … you know My Part D USA can give you the best service.  Why?  Because we actually do comparisons of drug plans and Medicare Supplements that will give you the coverage you need at the best prices.  Just read the Testimonials.  I get them in from people all over the country everyday.  They are so tired of being confused and not knowing what companies to deal with.  Since we are NOT an insurance company, we do not work for any particular plans and can help YOU find what YOU need, instead of what some insurance agent wants to sell you.

As always, if you have lost your retirement coverage or you are new to Medicare, we can help you any time of year get the plans you need.  Just either fill out the online form or give us a call!  Someone will answer the phone as well!  Many people tell me how nice it is just to hear a human being on the other end instead of all the prompts for #1 if you want to listen to a recording, #2 if you want to leave a message or #3 if you want to pull your hair out!!

Hope you are having a GREAT 2010 so far and we hope to hear from you soon.

JOKE OF THE DAYA man goes to his psychiatrist and says “Dr. what should I do, my brother thinks he’s a chicken?”  The doctor says “why don’t you get him committed?”  “I would”, the man says, but I really need the eggs!”

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