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Discount Card For Help with Dreaded Donut Hole

This time of year many of you are in the “dreaded donut hole” and KNOW you will stay there till the end of the year! You know you will not reach the other side to the 95% coverage. If I am talking to you, I have several suggestions:

1. Do not continue to use your Part D drug card to buy your medications.

2. Shop around your local pharmacies, look online, any place you can find them cheaper!

Your pharmacy does not make a claim on your Part D plan. Even if you ask them not to do this, sometimes they will. They get a higher reimbursement if they make a claim. You can check this by looking on your receipt and the papers they give you stampled to your bag. If they have any kind of code or abbreviation for your Part D Plan, you will KNOW they filed a claim. Also, as I have said before, you MUST go over your statement from your Part D plans, like it was your bank statement. You cannot trust them.

You can download and take it to your pharmacy. I don’t know how much of a discount you will receive, but it is certainly worth a try. I know the CEO of this drug card personally and he really takes getting you the best discounts available to heart. Please do not ever pay for a discount card!

If you have any advice or suggestions for others you have found please write to me! I will put your savings advice on the blog for others to see.

I do hope those of you that have high blood pressue or heart conditions to please be careful this time of year. It has been extremely HOT in many parts of the country. Stay cool. Stay out of the sun and don’t overdoit!!

Please write to me, Karyn Blake, here at My Part D USA’s blog at Or you can email this article to a friend.

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