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Why Should I get a Traditional Medicare Supplement?

The most important aspect in learning about your Medicare options is to realize that all Traditonal Supplement Plans are regulated by the Centers For Medicare. The only difference is that one insurance company will charge you a higher premium for the same benefits as another company.


Some of these companies have huge advertising budgets and want you to become of “member” of their organization. Please don’t be fooled into believing that they will have the lowest prices and the best coverage. Many times they do not have the best prices, but since their name is so recognizable, seniors enroll before they check or compare.

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With a Traditional Supplement you can choose any doctor or hospital you prefer with no referral for specialists. You will have a monthly premium for your supplement. Medicare will pay 80% of your doctor and hospital costs and your supplement will pay the other 20%. There are no hidden costs, co-pays or hoops to jump through. In addition to your doctor and hospital Part B Traditional Supplement, you will need a stand-alone Part D drug plan to cover your prescriptions. These are the only two policies you will need when you join Medicare Part A and or Part B.

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